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Check out our upcoming live events and webinars where you can interact and learn more about the latest tools, trends and technologies.

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27/09/2020 Webinar

Developers' Summer Skilling Program - Security

Welcome to our Developers' Summer Skilling Program 2020, showcasing the most innovative...

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4 hours
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28/09/2020 Skilling Events

Microsoft 365 Training Day: Meeting Organizational Compliance Requirements

To thrive in this privacy-focused era, you need to know what technology can do. Microsoft 365...

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5 hours
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28/09/2020 Skilling Events

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Modernizing Web Applications Data- day 1

Learn how to migrate and modernize your organization’s web apps and databases and seamlessly...

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2.85 hours
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29/09/2020 Skilling Events

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals-day 1

To create your vision for tomorrow, you need to understand what the cloud can do for you and your...

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3.25 hours