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CS Fundamentals

Fundamentals courses exclusively available on CS - 3 key topics: Azure Fundamentals, AI Fundamentals, Cloud Ready Marketer Fundamentals.


Offers a FREE certification/exams available to CS members on the platform, 1h/course and 30-min/exam.

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    Introduction to Azure Fundamentals

    This course provides fundamental level knowledge about Microsoft Azure. It is intended for people who are looking to learn about what Microsoft Azure is, how it works, what are the services it provides and how best you can leverage them.

  2. Cloud Ready Marketers badge

    Cloud Ready Marketers Foundation I

    This course provides a deeper understanding on Marketing Strategy and Execution. Designed to deliver a deeper appreciation of the customer thought process and how effective storytelling through your website, video or email can engage your audience and drive ROI for your business.

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    45 mins

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    Introduction to AI

    Get introduced to the unlimited potential of AI. Test your skills and become an 'AI Master'.