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where should I start if I want to learn Azure?

Verse JoyStudent
August 28, 2020
Hello Everyone, I am a Software Engineer student and I work part-time on Software Development Company. I want to be an Azure developer, where should I start if I want to learn Azure? Thank you for your advice.

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August 28, 2020
you can check here for courses/learning paths: or filter for azure!!
Verse JoyStudent
September 3, 2020
Thank you so much your answer.
OzairBelalSolutions Architect
August 31, 2020
It is recommended to start from Azure Fundamentals. Here is the link to learning path. Good Luck!
Verse JoyStudent
September 3, 2020
Thank you Ozair I have started Azure Fundamentals this week , it is really useful training.
August 31, 2020
Hi, It depends on what you want to do. Where do you want to go on your Azure Journey: Web Apps? Mobile Apps? Databases and Networking? Blockchain? So many options! - What do you have in mind?
Verse JoyStudent
September 3, 2020
Hello Larrygify, I want to be Mobile Developer.
Dara OladapoTechnical Architect
September 10, 2020
Well, you can kickstart by learning Azure Fundamentals, then learn Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services. As you gain more experience, you can learn more around Azure Web Apps, SQL Databases, Storage Accounts, Cognitive Services, etc. If your core goal is to be a developer and not worry about infrastructure, you can focus your energy on PaaS Services. I hope that helps.
TruongHead Of Transformation
February 23, 2021

As Developer you can follow this Learning Path to start with 

Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert Learning Path -

Introducing the Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert Certification: What You Need to Know | Microsoft Docs


saadAgent / Representative
May 26, 2022

awesome details thank you

DiaaYossryTechnology Trainer/Teacher
June 8, 2022

here some resources

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