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VavaCars created a 360-degree customer journey management system using Dynamics 365

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

VavaCars provides car owners with the opportunity to sell vehicles through its platform. They created a 360-degree customers’ journey management system using Dynamics 365 and adopted Azure to store their data.

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Customer VavaCars
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Enhance customers’ journey
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VavaCar’s main goal was to have a 360-degree customers’ journey management system using Dynamics 365 with particular reference to their business in Turkey and Pakistan.

The challenge was to oversee and manage customers’ activities and requests in a single platform integrated with existing solutions which could be easily accessible and usable both by management and customer facing functions like call centre agents and car purchase centre managers. 

They wanted, at the end, to implement and track all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that they usually implement in customer journeys. 


Dynamics 365 and Azure for flexible and effective customer management
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They decided to adopt a complete Microsoft application and infrastructure environment, including Dynamics 365, Azure DevOps, Azure Storage, Customer Voice, and Power BI

A 360-degreecustomer management platform

VacaCar started using Dynamics 365 starting in September 2019. They immediately got a 360-degree customer view for both individuals and corporate customers. They managed and tracked the overall customer journeys in Dynamics 365 in line with SOP for different customer-facing roles.

Dynamics 365 helped communicate with individual and corporate customer via SMS and email. Case management solution was used for managing customer requests and complaints. With the Microsoft cloud system solutions, they could implement NPS and ad hoc surveys easily with Customer Voice and track the results in Dynamics 365. Thanks to the benefits of Power BI, all management teams can easily reach all the SOP results and manage the targets accordingly.

VavaCar plan to continue using out of the box solutions to customer problems. They are looking to add different communication channels and integrate them in existing workflows.

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