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The Circularo e-signature platform is recognized for its innovative approach to digital transformation.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Circularo was founded in 2013 by a Czech-based research and development team in a Middle East/North Africa sales and delivery organization based in Dubai. Since then, the Circularo platform has been recognized for its innovative approach to digital transformation for mobile e-correspondence, contract management, or e-signing paperless solutions. Nowadays, leading organizations and government entities rely on Circularo’s unique digital transformation capabilities. And while its mission remains the same, the company is expanding its presence and building new and exciting online services that customers will enjoy. Circularo works with Microsoft 365, as well as Active Directory Federation Services, and Microsoft Azure. The creators of Circularo are digital innovators, and the platform delivers a great paperless experience that makes a real business impact. More than an e-signature solution, Circularo reimagines and streamlines how individuals and organizations prepare, manage, and execute agreements. The Circularo frictionless Agreement Management Platform turns cumbersome approval and agreement processes into swift, smooth, and paperless experiences on any device—anytime, anywhere. Today, Circularo has more than 45,000 users.

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Moving from paper to digital document management
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With COVID-19 and the rise of “smart working,” many companies now face a huge challenge—signing documents. Previously a simple task, the ability to sign documents and contracts online is a new critical business initiative in the post-COVID-19 world. The situation becomes particularly challenging with not only internal documents, but also when a third-party signature is required. Sharing them in a fast and secure way without risking information breaches adds complexities.

Making security a priority
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Circularo works with Microsoft to offer its clients cloud technology for the e-signing platform. The company uses Microsoft Azure Active Directory with multifactor authentication, and other security frameworks to ensure documents are highly secure and have their own electronic certification. Circularo works seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem, particularly with Microsoft 365 and OneDrive, which are systems that are familiar to most clients. Microsoft also has many data centers, which helps clients store their data closely.





Work anywhere, faster and more securely

“Working with Microsoft made Circularo’s clients’ lives much easier. They can now let their employees, clients, and suppliers prepare, manage, sign, and execute documents and contracts anywhere in the world in an intuitive and highly secure way using Microsoft Azure. This enables them to work remotely and ensure business continuity in a faster, easier, and more secure way, leaving them to put all their focus on closing deals and making a great leap forward,” concludes Josef Neumann, CEO at Circularo Europe.

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