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Country Bird Holding, a dynamic agricultural business, connects teams across Africa with Microsoft solutions

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

"Country Bird Holdings (CBH) is a dynamic agricultural business that operates across Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Nigeria. These operations include feed mills, breeding and hatching facilities, broiler operations, and abattoirs, in addition to logistics and distribution. CBH aspires to be the leading household name in the protein industry throughout Africa. It is consumer-led in providing quality protein products at affordable prices in a sustainable and responsible way. To steer toward healthy expansion, CBH is committed to a safe work environment, encouraging upliftment, and implementing environmentally responsible practices. "

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Products and Services Azure
Industry Consumer Goods
Country South Africa

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Connecting remote teams across Africa
Two females and one male in a medium conference room using a Lenovo Microsoft Teams Rooms touch display. Large wall mounted display with remote participants with screenshare and two laptops in view.

CBH has facilities in many countries, even in remote areas in Africa. Training people, managing devices, and helping teams collaborate effectively across the region has been always challenging, with long distances to cover. 

Azure cloud has been “Game Changer”
Two males and three females collaborating in a conference room featuring an HP Teams Meeting Rooms touch display. The meeting has nine remote participants shown on a wall mounted display joined via Teams Meetings. Two subjects are using Surface devices.

CBH uses Microsoft Software and products extensively in its work - in particular, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Teams, Multifactor Authentication, and Azure.

Work anywhere effectively in a highly secure way

Azure adoption has been “game changer” as the company moves into the cloud. CBH is working on joined devices with Windows Autopilot deployment: the company can send machines completely preconfigured; they have a direct device management and do not require much installation work onsite. The fleet is controlled remotely, which provides a much better user experience.

Thanks to a combination of Azure, Office 365, and Teams, CBH was able to effectively provide training for employees working from home, even in remote places with both internet and infrastructure problems.

Microsoft communication and infrastructure also helped the company to deploy a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in Shanga, a small town in Nigeria, with live training and support completely remote in Teams.

Thanks to Microsoft solutions, CBH can now prevent crises and respond in a timely manner to its workforce requirements in a highly secure and compliant manner, preventing possible breaches.

”Education has become strategical both for CBH employees and for its clients,” concludes Nick Robinson, Chief Information Officer at CBH, “and for this reason Azure and Teams will be more and more essential in the company’s future development plans.” Looking to the Future: CBH is moving from Microsoft 365 Business Premium to the enterprise version of the product E3, a solution better suited to their increasing needs.

”Education has become strategical both for CBH employees and for its clients, and for this reason Azure and Teams will be more and more essential in the company’s future development plans.” 

Three females in a meeting room and two of them are using their surface tab.