How Microsoft and Classera collaborate, empowering employees to work from home

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Classera developed a gamified learning management system to help classrooms, schools and districts inspire their students with personalized learning. Microsoft tools and solutions enabled Classera to offer high-quality solutions and services that maintain a secure, stable, and sustainable platform based on Azure.

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The challenge: Offering customers a complete LMS while employees work from home.
Two females and one male in a medium conference room using a Lenovo Microsoft Teams Rooms touch display. Large wall mounted display with remote participants with screenshare and two laptops in view.

Externally, Classera sought to provide its customers with a complete ecosystem. Microsoft Teams and Office 365 were integrated with the Classera learning management system (LMS), offering access to a new teaching and learning era. The solution helped reduce costs, since Classera customers—individuals, schools, universities, companies, and ministries in 30 countries—were using the complete solution with no travel cost—in addition to a reliable online examination system.

Internally, Classera needed to enable a remote work environment for its employees during the COVID-19 crisis. Microsoft applications and solutions were catalysts in connecting the company’s teams across five branches—to work together with a high level of efficiency and team spirit.

"The solution: Putting Microsoft tools in place, benefiting customers and employees alike. "
Two males and three females collaborating in a conference room featuring an HP Teams Meeting Rooms touch display. The meeting has nine remote participants shown on a wall mounted display joined via Teams Meetings. Two subjects are using Surface devices.

To meet its vision and overcome challenges, Classera used a variety of Microsoft tools, offering high-quality solutions and services to its customers that maintain a highly secure, stable, scalable, accessible, and sustainable platform. The benefits include optimizing production, minimizing expenses, and saving time costs. The majority of Classera clients are hosted on Microsoft Azure, which provides more security and scalability. Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with the Classera LMS, and platform users enjoy a single sign-on (SSO) experience when creating their virtual meetings and classes. As a matter of record, Classera teachers conducted more than 7 million virtual classroom sessions on the LMS since March 2020. Microsoft Graph API is used to integrate Teams to be accessible for schools as the main VCR provider on the Classera LMS, and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) integrations to enrol users. MSAL/ADAL metadata is used to enable quick SSO to the Classera LMS through the Login with Microsoft button. Azure Cognitive APIs are used to add features like Monitoring Exams and Assignments and Login with Face ID, which enabled online examination during COVID-19. To highlight the impact on its customers, Classera conducted 3,998 Face-monitored Exams/Assignments since March 2020. And 4,625 users worked with Test Exams/Assignments during the same period. This was in addition to using the Take a Test app in Windows to limit users’ screens during exams, which guarantees high security and credibility of results. APIs for voice commands are used to convert text to speech, and speech to text. In conclusion, approximately 10 million users took advantage of the Classera LMS during the critical period of the COVID-19 health crisis. This mission of massive online education and exams was made possible with the support of Microsoft technologies. Internally, Classera employees are using Microsoft tools to get their jobs done and cope with change. Meanwhile, the experience exceeded expectations, since it highly impacted internal communications, supported teamwork, and helped Classera professionals to serve clients virtually on B2C, B2B, and B2G levels. Classera employees used group chat, meetings, live events, and the Wiki tab in Teams to work remotely. They encouraged communication and fostered teamwork. Group chat, OneNote, and the Wiki tab helped teams work together on mutual projects and get instant feedback on deliverables. Classera teams used Microsoft Outlook to coordinate tasks and communications internally and with Classera worldwide business partners and clients. Microsoft OneDrive supports the highly secure, fast sharing of documents internally and externally. Looking ahead: Next steps Based on the company’s successful experience during the pandemic, the integration of Microsoft solutions and Classera will continue to evolve—paving the way for more communication, collaboration, teaching, and learning.

Accessibility and scalability facilitate the remote work.

“Microsoft tools and solutions enabled us to offer a high-quality solutions and services to our customers that maintain a secure, stable and sustainable platform based on Azure. At the same time, accessibility and scalability facilitate the remote work of Classera Customers and employees due to Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. The integration of Microsoft and Classera solutions offers communication, files sharing and teamwork capabilities in B2G, B2B and B2C meetings and environments.” For the future we are also planning to get:  “We believe that we are leaving in the "new normal" based on what we experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic solutions. The actual integration between Microsoft and Classera will continue to evolve and be used for more communication, collaboration, and teaching & learning, because it offers optimization regarding the production, expenses (minimizing expenses), ad time (saving time) at a worldwide level among Classera branches in five countries, and Classera customers in thirty countries.”

Three females in a meeting room and two of them are using their surface tab.