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Partnering a generation of knowledgeable, qualified, and future-ready Arab youth

"Coding is the language of the modern era. Our goal is to teach it to one million young Arabs, in order to prepare them now for the requirements needed to excel in the future."
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

It takes the right skills to make a digital future come to life. Microsoft Cloud Society is excited to partner with The One Million Arab Coders program, empowering Arabs with the language of the future. With a series of online courses and certifications, we are making our contribution to the development of the digital economy of UAE, enabling enrolled coders to boost their cloud development skills.


Arab coders cloud learning program

With an exclusive learning path for Arab Coders, we are offering an intensive curriculum to prepare Arab Coders to develop solutions on the Cloud. We have the following 5 courses, starting with Level 100 for beginners. Thereafter, every course will advance in level, culminating in a final project submission for the last track.